Vehicle Route Planning

At its simplest, route planning is the process of sequencing stops on a multi-stop delivery route to minimize time and cost. But in the reality of a distribution or service business, the process of route planning is far more complex.

From office supplies to linens or foodservice or beverages, companies with multiple delivery stops to make each day must factor a daunting array of variables into their route plans. Variables include customer orders, volumes and characteristics, time windows and other customer-driven parameters, fuel costs, driver and vehicle issues, changing road and traffic conditions, and how to keep customer satisfaction high while keeping costs low.

The complexity of balancing customer satisfaction and costs makes a manual approach to vehicle route planning virtually impossible, which is why most fleets use some sort of route planning software to manage daily vehicle logistics. An automated route planner such as Roadnet® enables fleet operators to plan both standard and dynamic routes each day to achieve the best possible outcome in terms of customer service, profitability and safety.

Leading multi-stop route planning solutions such as Roadnet software often incorporate GPS tracking capabilities and advanced reporting features that help dispatchers design multi-stop routes for optimal fuel efficiency and mileage, maximum driver and vehicle utilization, and reduction of unplanned stops and missed time windows.

Roadnet is used by distribution and service companies as a tactical daily route planning tool to balance the myriad variables that influence customer needs and profitability. It eliminates manual routing and guesswork by deploying advanced algorithms to create multiple intelligent route plans quickly.

Effective route planning with Roadnet's route planning software saves time spent on the road and reduces miles driven. It can even offer alternative routes that take into account historic traffic conditions.

Route planning software tools from Roadnet Technologies can help you:

  • Save routing time while providing better routing answers
  • Reduce mileage, fuel consumption and vehicles on the road
  • Reduce overtime and payroll costs
  • Optimize vehicle utilization by delivering more and driving less

For more information visit our route planning software product, Roadnet.

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