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  • PSS World Medical discusses what it means to make fleet efficiency part of their corporate culture and drive success
  • Grupo Modelo a beer distributor in Mexico shares their experience in using the Roadnet Transportation Suite to be efficient in every aspect of their organization.
  • Pollock Paper shares their key ingredients to high customer service through innovation in fleet management.
  • Valley Proteins shares the fundamentals of their sustainable and innovative operations.
  • Uncover how Roadnet Technologies has helped Lindenmeyr Munroe achieve new levels of sustainability and success.
  • Understand how Roadnet Telematics has been successful in helping Southern Wine & Spirits gain greater efficiencies.
  • Southern Wine & Spirits provides a candid look inside their logistics operations and use of the Roadnet Transportation Suite.
  • Len Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer shares Roadnet Technologies' Brand & Vision.
  • William Ng, Product Support Specialist, talks about the need and value of Safety practices.
  • Geavonna Carroll, Product Support Specialist, talks about delivering value to customers.
  • Steve Marsh, Director of Sales, shares information on the importance of operational growth.


  • Four Essential Features When Considering Routing Software - While many will ultimately help you improve efficiency and reduce costs, the 4 things to consider when evaluating different solutions we've included here are those that will directly impact your ROI.
  • 7 Logistics Challenges - What keeps you up at night? This brief by Roadnet Technologies touches on 7 key issues impacting fleet managers today, including unstable economic conditions, fuel prices and driver safety. Look at possible solutions for these challenges and rest easier.
  • How to Exceed Customer Expectations While Reducing Costs - Did you know that 76% of customers will pay 25% MORE for the guarantee of exceptional customer service. 

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