Route Optimization & Scheduling Software Solutions, By Industry

While the benefits associated with our fleet management products improve operations across various markets, we realize that each environment is unique.  At Roadnet Technologies we value the relationships that we have with our customers and take time to understand their individual needs.  By making this a priority we are able to put the feedback we receive to good use.  This allows us to constantly enhance our vehicle routing and scheduling products and increase operational efficiency for many different types of businesses all over the world.

Here we list some of the industries in which we have provided solutions; click one of the boxes below to learn more.  The industries listed do not represent all of the markets in which Roadnet Technologies has served.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can help you succeed within your industry.

Beverage Distribution Fleet Management

Being in the beverage industry, you know how important it is to make accurate and fast deliveries while maintaining high customer service satisfaction levels. Whether you perform bulk or bay deliveries, or a combination of the two, we have a solution for you. Our software can improve your current customer relationships while decreasing your transportation costs.


Foodservice Distribution Fleet Management

In the complex environment of foodservice distribution, you need to provide a high level of customer service, accommodate time windows and last minute orders, while meeting stringent safety standards.  With competition at an all time high and fuel prices constantly increasing it is imperative to run your operation as efficiently as possible.


Dairy Distribution Management

As a dairy distributor, transportation technology is offering new possibilities for reducing costs and growing your business.  Being able to proactively meet dock times, separate orders by vehicle, and improve customer service as well as driver communication can give you a competitive edge.


Bakery Distribution Management

Working in the bakery industry, you face a constant balancing act of maintaining your customer service commitments and remaining competitive.  Being able to proactively handle customer concerns and deliveries will help keep your business flourishing. 


Healthcare and Medical

There is no shortage of change in the medical supply and services industry. If your business is the delivery of equipment, durable medical goods, or in service delivery of skilled nursing, rehabilitation, or personal care to patients in their homes, you know firsthand how the topline is being squeezed due to rapid shifts in the industry.


Paper Distribution Management

As a distributor of paper products, you want to provide the best customer service possible.  Your level of customer service could place your business heads and shoulders above your competitors—it is possibly one of your most important assets. 


Wine & Spirits Distribution Management

As a distributor of wine and spirits, the increasingly competitive environment presents multiple challenges. Growing numbers of SKU’s, increasing customer demands and seasonal products add complexity and cost to your operations. 


Fuel, Oil, & Propane Distribution Management

As a fuel, oil, or propane company, you have to balance seasonal fluctuations and high delivery costs while providing the best customer service possible. 


Vehicle Routing Software for the Solid Waste and Recycling Industries

Being in the solid waste and recycling industries, you might be struggling to find a route planning and vehicle GPS tracking solution that can fulfill your specific needs and requirements.