Territory Planner®

Planning for Tomorrow's Routes and Beyond

Transportation managers can't seem to keep their head above water by simply maintaining deliveries for today and tomorrow.  Additional customers are added to full routes, maxing out your driver and vehicle resources.  Other factors such as seasonal volume hikes, rising fuel costs, sudden long-term traffic issues or other resource crisis will force you to take action whether you like it or not.  You must be prepared by being able to respond to these scenarios with maximum efficiency and minimum cost.

Territory Planner® lets you strategically prepare optimal territories and routes for the future by allowing you to incorporate "what if" scenarios.  Historical data including delivery days, open/close times, preferred delivery times, volume and geographic location is used to create optimized and balanced territories, routes and stop sequences. All within an easy-to use interface that allows re-routes to occur when they should.

Our Vehicle Routing & Scheduling Software, Territory Planner, Can Help You:

  • Balance Delivery and Sales Territories - Workloads can be evenly balanced in order to create equal delivery and sales territories
  • Optimize Route Sequencing - the user defines the optimal route sequence all the while adhering to open/close times and time windows
  • Add New Customers Without Adding Trucks - Blending in of new customers onto optimal territory and route placement is a simple and quick exercise with this tool.  The impact of new customers can be quickly assessed and can help you determine whether your existing fleet is sufficient or in need of additional vehicles
  • Reconfigure Territories and Routes for Seasonal Changes - or other what-if scenarios.  New territories and routes can be generated to analyze volume fluctuations due to seasonal changes quickly and then stored in the system for fast implementation at any time
  • Cost Per Stop - Determine the profitability of each delivery stop by knowing the actual cost per stop
  • Management Reports - Territory cost, territory distance, territory summary, territory exception report, and driver itinerary help you improve upon your plan
  • Route Books- Driver manifest , driver directions, and route maps keep drivers prepared


Our customers experience significant increases in profitability including:

  • Reduction in miles driven
  • Reduction in vehicles
  • Reduction in overtime
  • Increase in strategic re-routes
  • Reduction in management resources
  • Reduction in time required for strategic re-routes