Roadnet® Telematics

The Explicit Data You Need to Reduce Costs and Risk

Safer drivers, lower fuel consumption, reduced maintenance costs – Roadnet Telematics gives fleet operators the actionable answers needed to achieve these goals.  With the new Hours of Service Rules, fleet managers are concerned more than ever with the goal of compliance. Roadnet telematics helps you achieve compliance while gaining insight into vehicle operations.

Roadnet's vehicle telematics combines GPS-based onboard monitoring technology and engine diagnostics with easy-to-use mapping and reporting software to track vehicle operating and usage parameters from engine faults to idling time and much more. The result is a clear picture of your fleet’s risk, productivity and maintenance status – and a clear path toward improvement.

Roadnet Vehicle Telematics' Fleet Fuel Management System Can Help You:

  • Reach your environmental goals by eliminating unnecessary miles driven, reducing engine idling, and influencing driver behavior  
  • Prevent injuries, vehicle damage and insurance claims by monitoring risky driving behavior and helping drivers adopt safe habits like speed control and limiting after-hours use  
  • Reduce maintenance costs by tracking and controlling speed to reduce wear 
  • Prevent downtime and emergency service by monitoring voltage trend and other performance indicators 
  • Get the full life of your leases by tracking and managing mileage more accurately than your odometer can – preserving lease and warranty thresholds 
  • Optimize fleet size by identifying under-used assets 
  • Get more from your fleet by monitoring deviations in time and distance to improve profitability and productivity  
  • Report accurately with auditing and reporting tools you need for accurate IFTA calculation and to meet an increasing array of compliance obligations.


This proven telematics solution from Roadnet Technologies has helped fleet operators save millions in operating costs – from insurance claims to roadside assistance. Roadnet Telematics provides fleets large and small a clear, detailed understanding of how their vehicles are operating today, so they can make changes for the better.

  • Reduce fleet maintenance costs and optimize lease management
  • Support green initiatives by controlling fuel consumption
  • Reduce injuries, vehicle damage and claims costs and help drivers adopt safer habits
  • Improve the productivity of your fleet and your people