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Big-Picture Information – Made Easy

Transportation managers always seek more transportation intelligence, especially when it comes to seeing their businesses’ big picture and measuring what they’ve done and how well they’ve done it. Historically, getting such measurements has meant spending days poring over the scattered and raw data spreadsheets offer.


Roadnet Performance Dashboard, the newest addition to Roadnet Technologies’ product line up, provides all of your big-picture transportation information with just a few mouse clicks in a Web-based application. Using easy-to-read graphs, charts and gauges, Roadnet Performance Dashboard allows you to access and analyze your rear-view information in a completely customizable package and see the changes you need to make to improve your operations.


Roadnet Performance Dashboard Can Help You:

  • Measure Your Operations – Comparing your operations against your company’s missions, goals and priorities immediately helps maximize your performance
  • Customize Your Data – Having your own personalized dashboard allows you to capture important information at a glance
  • Increase Productivity – When you share information throughout your operation, it allows for greater workflows
  • Compare and Rate Regions – Knowing where your best workers and highest productivity levels are helps allocate resources more efficiently
  • Track Trends – Are there places that have improved or declined significantly over the past six months, year or two years? Roadnet Performance Dashboard will tell you
  • Solve Problems Quickly – Having fast and easy access to crucial operational information helps you turn things around with lightning speed
  • Meet Strategic and Tactical Objectives – With the abundance of information Roadnet Performance Dashboard provides, you don’t have to guess at how well your operation is doing



Our customers experience significant increases in profitability including:

  • Reduction in miles driven
  • Greater driver efficiency
  • Less time spent analyzing data
  • Reduction in overtime
  • Reduction in management resources
  • Increased vehicle capacity