MobileCast On Track®

Would you like a tool to track your sales, merchandising, or service side of the business?  MobileCast On Track is a low cost, durable, phone-based solution designed specifically to help track your mobile resources and provide metrics for management.

MobileCast On Track works seamlessly with the products within the Roadnet Transporation Suite or your current routing, scheduling, and host systems.  Its flexible active or passive operational modes provide the right amount of tracking for each individual's job functions on your team. 

MobileCast On Track provides:

  • Increase Accountability and Efficiency - Generate accurate data for developing and monitoring key performance indicators (KPI) with your sales and service staff. Have the ability to validate expense reports (reported vs. actual miles driven).
  • Manage by Exception - Allow greater productivity by viewing anyone who may be off-schedule or off-route via GPS technology.  You can track metrics such as face time with customers, frequency of customer visits, and sales conversion by visits to improve your operational goals. 
  • No Predefined Routes - GPS tracking is based on a breadcrumb trail. Assigned locations are automatically loaded after login and you have flexible control over territory boundaries. 
  • Promote Customer Service - Ensure your service and sales representatives are gaining the competitive edge by spending enough "face time" with customers each visit.
  • Improve Communication - Keep the communication lines open and consistent between representatives in the field and the office. 
  • Management Reports - You can view and print several reports including route variations, route metrics, distance, and worker performance reports.


Our customers have experienced gains in profitability through the number of stops serviced and accountability, reduction in miles, increased productivity, and lower overall transportation costs of mobile resources.