Roadnet® Vehicle Routing Software - The Power of Going Beyond with Service Excellence

Powered by Roadnet means the power to provide a higher standard of service – with total visibility into the way goods and services are received each day.

It means a conscious decision to do more for our customers with accountability, reliability and trusted service every time a truck leaves the loading dock with your delivery.

  • Being able to get more to our customers – and proactively communicating to keep everyone on the same page, so your business doesn't need to be slowed down by a late or missed delivery or service
  • Accuracy in volume and travel time, to get the right goods and services to you when you need and expect them
  • Harnessing the power of safety, so our drivers get to you and safely home, each and every day
  • Lowering our carbon footprint by reducing miles driven, idling, and fuel costs by utilizing the latest technology

Powered by Roadnet is power from the leading fleet management technology platform – and that means efficiencies behind the scenes to go the extra mile in servicing you, our customer.

Who is Roadnet Technologies?

Roadnet Technologies provides worldwide fleet management software tools and GPS tracking solutions for hundreds of thousands of vehicles in a broad range of industries such as foodservice, beverage, paper, medical, waste management, textile and energy. Roadnet's fleet management applications and logistics software provides strategic territory and street-level route plans, multi-stop vehicle routing and scheduling, wireless dispatch, vehicle telematics, fuel management, and real-time vehicle GPS tracking.