About Us

For over 30 years, Roadnet Technologies has developed products and services for companies with fleets to help realize greater business growth through cost savings, employee productivity, resource efficiency, and employee safety.

Formerly UPS Logistics Technologies, Roadnet Technologies puts valued information into the hands of forward thinking fleet and mobile resource managers around the world – enabling superior operational success.

Through our Fleet Management Platform customers gain the ability to solve complex transportation challenges in a simple manner. With the Roadnet Transportation Suite clients are able to develop strategic territories and optimal route plans – and track these plans in real-time throughout the day, using this information to compare actual vs. planned data. Our vehicle telematics solution provides a risk and safety management tool to reduce unsafe driving behavior and improve vehicle longevity. All of this critical transportation intelligence is available through web-based dashboards and reporting – giving our customers the power needed to make solid business decisions.

With over 3,400 customer installations worldwide Roadnet Technologies solutions are successful in managing more than 200,000 vehicles each day. For nearly 3 decades we have helped our customers reduce fuel spending, unnecessary miles, and carbon emissions, while increasing productivity and improving service to their customers – enabling them to be more agile and competitive in a challenging market.